Receiving and Treating Contaminated Waste

Brandster Services is an authorised agent, transporter and receiving facility of J100, J120 and N140 classified liquid waste.

The NSW Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introduced Waste Tracking to help eradicate illegal dumping of environmentally hazardous waste, prevent waste going to the wrong facility and stop unfair competition.

It is the responsibility of the waste producer/generator to classify the waste type prior to transportation (see EPA Waste Codes and descriptions below). All possible contaminants must be identified, which may require having laboratory test analysis performed. Brandster Services is happy to guide and assist you in this process, please contact us online or speak to one of our friendly team on 02 9623 1177.

Brandster Services will only accept waste requiring tracking at its receiving facility if a pre-approved Consignment Authorisation document has been issued and it is accompanied by a Transport Certificate (TC) for completion upon receipt and processing of your waste.  

EPA Waste Code Descriptions

The EPA has defined environmentally hazardous waste into Waste Codes that reflect the waste contaminants or source.

J100 - Waste mineral oils

  • Mineral oils unfit for their original intended use
  • Oil filters
  • Transformer fluids (excluding PCB's)
  • Waste hydrocarbons

J120 - Waste oil/hydrocarbons mixtures/emulsions in water

  • Oil/hydrocarbon (<50%) mixed with water
  • Oil/hydrocarbon (>50%) mixed with water
  • Other (cutting oils, soluble oils)
  • Oil/hydrocarbon mixed with water nos

N140 - Fire debris and fire washwaters

  • Fire washwaters

Please contact us online or speak with one of our helpful staff on 02 9623 1177 to discuss your waste classification and Waste Tracking requirements.

For more information on Waste Codes and Waste Tracking please visit the NSW EPA website.