Brandster Services Fleet

Consisting of a fleet of seven specialised vacuum tankers, ranging from 1,000L to 30,000L, Brandster Services has the capacity to cater to jobs of all sizes.

We are committed to operating a modern and well-maintained fleet to ensure the health and safety of our staff, customers and fellow road users; as well as reducing our environmental impact. Our vehicles are stringently maintained in the Brandster Services workshop to operate at a Euro5 standard by our full time licensed mechanical engineer.  


Height: 1.9m

Length: 3.5m

Volume: 1,000L

Application: Domestic septic tank pump out with steep and difficult access; commercial sewer/stormwater pits and pump wells located in underground car parks etc. Our Tonka truck features a Diesel engine making it safe for operating in low ventilated and spark-risk environments.


Height: 2.2m

Length: 4m

Volume: 2,000L

Application: Small septic tank pump out; underground car parks


Height: 2.5m

Length: 6m

Volume: 6,000L

Application: Domestic septic tank pump out with limited access; On site Multifunction Units


Height: 3.3m

Length: 7m

Volume: 10,000L

Application: Domestic septic tank pump out with good access; Commercial tanks and bulk loading; On site Multifunction Units


Height: 3.4m

Length: 8m

Volume: 15,000 L

Application: Commercial septic tank pump out and bulk loading

Medium + Trailer

Height: 3.4m

Length: 17.5m

Volume: 25,000L

Application: Bulk Loading

Large + Trailer

Height: 3.4m

Length: 18.5m

Volume: 30,000L

Application: Bulk Loading


Please note: Images and specifications are provided as a guide only. Our team will assist in selecting the most suitable Brandster Services vehicle for your requirements.