Brandster Services is an Australian owned and operated liquid waste management company that has provided reliable, friendly and great value services for the collection, transport, treatment and disposal of liquid waste across the domestic, commercial/industrial, community and government sectors for over 50 years.

The Brandster Services modern fleet consists of seven vehicles engineered specifically for the collection and transportation of liquid waste. Our vehicles range in size and capacity to cater for jobs of all sizes from commercial bulk loading to domestic property access, and limited access underground (e.g. car park) holding tanks.

We also own and operate a fully NSW Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) licensed and approved liquid waste treatment facility featuring two treatment plants – one for septic and sullage/greywater; and the other for J120 classified liquid waste (oil/hydrocarbons mixtures/emulsions in water).

Brandster Services values and is committed to the protection of our environment. Frequent interaction and constant cooperation with the EPA ensures all services and treatment processes are carried out in a lawful and environmentally responsible manner.

Recognised for his expertise and commitment to the industry, Brandster Services Owner/Managing Director, Jeff Brandstater, has been elected by industry peers as an Executive Member of the Waste Contractors and Recyclers Association (WCRA) for the last five consecutive years.  



Brandster Services was founded by Don Brandster in 1960. Managing Director, Jeff Brandstater joined the company as an employee in 1985 before purchasing the business in 1995 upon Don's retirement. Jeff has since continued to develop and expand operations, taking the business from its humble beginnings to one of Sydney’s most trusted market leaders.